they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
❝ --But ya know what? I ain't so convinced. ❞
Axel K. Ardenton || 23 || Leo

"Once you learn how to ∂ιє, you learn how to L I V E."

A legally blind barista taking life a day at a time. Stop by the cafe and he's sure to make a lasting impression and one hell of a cup a' cocoa.

Or brag about his angel from the past.

[[Independent AU RP account. Free to RP with anyone. (c) I track blindingflames.]]
"Meow! Myaaa myoww~" xIt's me, Xion! M!A made me a kitty~x :3


Axel blinked at the noise in confusion. Certainly didn’t sound like any of his furbutts. 

Holding a hand out as he crouched down, he waited to see if the source would come find him instead of the other way around, “Well, who d’we ‘ave ‘ere?”