they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
❝ --But ya know what? I ain't so convinced. ❞
Axel K. Ardenton || 23 || Leo

"Once you learn how to ∂ιє, you learn how to L I V E."

A legally blind barista taking life a day at a time. Stop by the cafe and he's sure to make a lasting impression and one hell of a cup a' cocoa.

Or brag about his angel from the past.

[[Independent AU RP account. Free to RP with anyone. (c) I track blindingflames.]]
Cat!Xion trots over to the other, mewing. "MEEOOW! Meow mroow?? Myoooooooow!!" xAXEL! Doncha recognize me? It's me, Xion!!x

Axel just blink at the loud sound, patting the cats head gently “What, ya hungry ‘r somethin’? Where’d ya come from anyway?” Having one sided conversations with the four-legged creatures was pretty normal.